Kurt Eichenwald’s Sad, Sad World

The Kurt Eichenwald underage porn/cash payment story just got a hell of a lot more creepy. Here’s a recap of what happened so far.

Now it turns out that Eichenwald was an admin on Justin Berry‘s (underage) porn site and made some… interesting comments…

“Using a fake name, Eichenwald spent $1,184 to buy digital photos from Berry. It is not clear whether they were pornographic, or if they were made when Berry was under age 18 or older. But PayPal allows purchasers to send memos with their money, and Eichenwald sent Berry several messages discussing the quality of the pictures he bought. “I found a pretty good one but the lighting sucks… still worth 100.” “There are just 20 in the file, and most of them are nothing (shots of beds and driveways, or you rolling a joint).” “I found 3 so far that I either didn’t already have and were good.” “100… we gotta talk about what the really good ones are.” (The ellipses are in the court document.)”

Debbie Nathan of Counterpunch also notes that “hours after Eichenwald paid Justin Berry $2,000 on June 8, 2005, Berry produced a video of a 14-year-old boy masturbating.”

There are some interesting revelations over at GenerationQ as well. Anyway, we’re gonna take a cold shower and maybe vomit in the toilet now because this is pretty gross.

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