Kornblut On Hillary Coverage

Some interesting insights from the Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut on today’s “Reliable Sources“:

    KORNBLUT: What I think is so interesting about this dynamic is that the Clinton campaign has virtually no friends in the media at this point. They’ve managed to alienate most of the press corps, and yet the press corps has written about it as being a real race all the time. I think once that story ran, we saw a lot of people following it up with agreements. There wasn’t a whole lot of counterintuitive thinking after the story ran, saying, “No, actually, it really is a close race.”

    KURTZ: According to that piece — you travel with the Clinton campaign week after week. According to that piece, you’re either delusional about it being a close race or trying to fool the rest of us.

    KORNBLUT: Well, we’re delusional after traveling so much all the time. When you spend enough time around Senator Clinton and the campaign, and you see the supporters that she has out on the road, it’s easy to believe that there is a real race. It doesn’t feel on the road like a dying campaign usually does.