Kollecta: Trade, Share and Learn About Collectibles

kollectaAre you the proud owner of that impossible-to-find Smurfette figurine? You’re in luck! You now have your very own community to show off your Smurf collection. From salt and pepper shakers to thimbles, baseball cards to comics, Kollecta is the new community Website that lets you manage your collection of anything and meet other collectors just like you. Avid collectors can research and trade, while people into something just for fun can browse or showoff their goods.

After a free registration, users enter the items they own, want, or have for sale. Profiles can be private, allowing you to share that Babylon 5 t-shirt collection without the fear of your identity or location being revealed.

When you add items to the Kollecta database, clean up a current item’s description or make an actual trade, you earn points, boosting your clout within the community.

While only several hundred users strong, the Kollecta database currently has information on close to 1.5 million collectibles. As of now, most that appears to be Smurfs. And that’s OK by me. But there’s got to be room for my Nintendo R.O.B. collection, right?

We doubt eBay is shaking in their boots, but a community destination for collectors that puts more emphasis on the items than on the economy, is certainly intriguing.

Website discovered on eHub.