Manila Media Thrilled by Kobe Bryant

KobeTourpicIt’s been fun to read the rhapsodic coverage of Kobe Bryant’s visit to the Philippines this week, part of an Asian tour sponsored by Nike.

Equally intriguing were some of the Black Mamba’s answers to questions posed by the local media at a July 13 press conference. For example, here is what Bryant had to say about his absence from the Twittersphere:

I just don’t feel like it [tweeting]. [Laughs.] You know, I have friends and when I want to talk to them I text them or I call them. If you’re a friend of mine, I don’t have to text you and let everyone know what I texted to you. [Laughs.]

Bryant also said he is looking forward to tuning into TNT next season, assuming the NBA lockout has ended, to hear what his old paint-pal Shaquille O’Neal has to say as the network’s latest colorful big-guy commentator. FishbowlLA is particularly intrigued by the idea of Shaq, in his new broadcast role, one day breaking down a bad Kobe performance.