Know Now What You’ll Hate Later (and maybe love, occasionally, too)


We’re a big fan of Trend Watching and, as you may have noticed, have posted a few of their monthly features here and there. The one up for July, “Youniversal Branding,” is a fantastic, very in depth look at technology making it possible to marketing to individuals instead of taking the typical, soon-to-be-out-of-fashion shotgun approach. The site is now taking pre-orders for their gorgeous 2007 Trend Report, a big, bound book of all things soon-to-be. Granted, its aim is for people in development or business folk who want to say “Okay, tiny robotic frogs are going to be in next year, so let’s make some of those.” But, as a designer, you’re likely a big part of taking that from a silly idea one of these people read in a book and dreamt up, to fleshing it out into something tangible and interesting. And that, we’ve always felt, is who the site speaks to the best. So, if you’ve got an overstuffed wallet (the thing is $400 in the US), or a boss always happy to sign expense reports, we’re in recommendation of picking up a copy.