Kno Text Book Tablet No More?

Video courtesy of goodtokno

The Kno Textbook Tablet is a nearly-there-product that is very interesting but doesn’t seem very practical and has a relatively limited niche audience: College students. But, lets start with its size and weight that took me by surprise when I first heard about it.

Kno Dual-Screen (Shades of Courier) Tablet: Can This 5.5 Lbs. Behemoth Take Off?

The Kno is gigantic at 5.5 pounds (the iPad is 1.5 pounds) with dual 14.1-inch screens (compared to the iPad’s single 9.7-inch display). It is not only heavy but unwieldy. This is not something you can pull out of your backpack in a hallway while walking between classes. In June 2010, I wrote: The Kno needs to widen its potential customer base and shrink its product very soon. If not, I predict, this will be a footnote product like the Palm Foleo. Guess, what, here’s what Kara Swisher reported in All Things Digital.

Exclusive: Kno Student Tablet Start-Up in Talks to Sell Off Tablet Part of Its Business

Kno developed very interesting looking software for its Kno tablet. I hope the current plan to split off the hardware from the software works out for them.