Kisses for Politico

A  writer sometimes gives its own publication a big plug – sometimes by choice, in other instances as an order from above. Politico‘s media writer Keach Hagey gives a big kiss to Politico today with a listing of Time‘s 40 Under 40 list and political blogs that the winners read most. “Responses included more than a little love for Politico,” she writes.

We asked if she was instructed to write the post. She replied, “Everything I blog about is by choice. I was proud that so many of the political up and comers on the list from both sides of the aisle consider us a must-read.”

In Hagey’s mentions, four politico types name Politico as their go-to political blog.  There were at least three more mentions of Politico in the full list. Neither Roll Call nor The Hill, known as Politico‘s main competitors on Capitol Hill, are mentioned in winner’s choices. Others mentioned include WSJ, HuffPost, TPM, Time‘s Swampland,,, Drudge Report, CNN Political Ticker, and the always vital

Correction: Kristi Noem, the candidate running against GOP Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in South Dakota, mentions The Hill along with Politico, South Dakota War College and Rapid City Journal.