Kirsten Dunst Prevails at Cannes Despite Her Director’s Best Efforts

In case you hadn’t heard, there was a major scandale (that’s “scandal” in French) last week at the Cannes Film Festival over statements made by director and provocateur Lars von Trier. To recap: during a press conference for his film Melancholia, von Trier went off on a twisted, tangled, painful tangent and said he was a Nazi. He later apologized for the statement, but the Cannes folks banned him from the event and declared him “persona non grata.”

Despite that craziness, Kirsten Dunst walked away with the best actress award for her role in the film this weekend. She thanked the Cannes jury for still considering the film and thanked von Trier for the part. But perhaps just as much, Dunst may be remembered for her reaction to von Trier’s comments during the now-famous press conference.

Dunst was seated next to von Trier and could be seen grimacing, nervously smiling, and mouthing the words “Oh my God, this is terrible” during the presser. This site has a wall full of gifs with Dunst’s various reactions. (h/t to The Awl.) And for a full breakdown of all of the winners and happenings on the final day (Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life starring Brad Pitt was the big Palm d’Or winner), click here.