King to launch Pet Rescue Saga on Mobile this summer; now has more than 70M DAU

New King logo

New King logoThe London-based game studio behind Candy Crush Saga today announced that it’s launching Pet Rescue Saga on iOS and Android early this summer, while also revealing that it has more than 70 million daily active users (DAU) across all platforms — mobile, Facebook and web.

Pet Rescue Saga, which first launched on Facebook in October 2012, joins Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga as the third mobile title from the U.K. company. Pet Rescue Saga is a match-3 puzzler in the same vein as the mega popular Candy Crush Saga. The title will launch with more than 72 levels, providing cross-platform gameplay across mobile and Facebook, meaning a user’s game state including their leaderboards, scores and progress remain synchronized. Cross-platform play has been a feature that has shown to be very successful for King’s mobile games so far. Pet Rescue Saga for mobile was developed by King’s Malmo studio.Pet Rescue Saga Facebook screenshot

King’s 70 DAU is significant because it topped Zynga’s 52 million DAU, which it announced during its latest earnings call. When comparing the companies, King is a private company with 450 employees, while on the other hand, Zynga is a public company with a much larger workforce.

Chief marketing officer of King Alex Dale told us King reached 70 million DAU by making easy-to-understand games which are designed for their respective platform.

“First, games need to be playable by a mainstream audience, you can’t succeed with a game at scale that requires you to learn moves or takes a great deal of time to progress,” he tells Inside Mobile Apps. “It has to be quick and easy to understand. Second, the type of games that best suite mobile are casual games, not a first-person shooter.”

For its games on Facebook, King says Candy Crush Saga currently has 14.7 million DAU, Pet Rescue Saga with 5.7 million DAU and Farm Heroes Saga with 49 million DAU.

Tommy Palm one of the leaders behind Candy Crush Saga on mobile and it’s successful implementation of cross-platform gameplay, explains that it gave the same treatment to Pet Rescue Saga on mobile.

“We rewrote the entire code, so that it should feel like it’s made for mobile,” he says. “Everything is responsive and native to the platform on both operating systems.”