Kindle Fire Will Be Open To Competing Content Providers

It is fairly obvious that the main reason why Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire tablet is to sell more video, music, and books from their store, so it would be understandable if they opted to not make competing content provider apps available for the Fire. Today Amazon showed they resisted that knee-jerk reaction by announcing Netflix, Rhapsody, and Pandora are amongst the thousands of apps that will be available for the Fire when it ships next week.

Just this past Monday Barnes and Noble announced the Nook Tablet touting how Netflix is included, which was needed to match the Fire’s support for Amazon’s own instant video service. Today Amazon responded by essentially saying they have all of the same apps as the Nook and more. While Barnes and Noble’s CEO can point out the Fire’s deficiences with for storing content, Netflix is a streaming service that will not work without an Internet connection.

Also among the apps in Amazon’s announcement, which mostly served as a response to the publicity Barnes and Noble had earlier in the week, are many popular game producers including Zynga, EA, Rovio, Gameloft, and PopCap. The bottom line is that the Fire will have all the same apps as the Nook, and in fact will have more as the Amazon AppStore is larger than the Nook’s.