Kindle Fire Orders Expected to Dip in Q1 2011

The gossip-mongers at DigiTimes posted some interesting stories in the past, and today is no exception. They’re reporting that their inside the industry sources are saying that “orders for Kindle Fire tablet PCs are expected to be cut by half” in the next couple months. Production is estimated to be around¬† million KF a month, which is down considerably from the estimated 6 million units shipped in the run up to Christmas.

This isn’t an unexpected dip in sales, but rather the usual decrease in production that follows the holiday season in most years. It does make sense; lots of people cut down on their gadget buying after Christmas; most are still paying off credit card debt from all their previous gadget buying.

If these numbers are accurate, this is good news for Amazon. Producing and selling a million tablets a month is a feat that a lot of other gadget makers would like to match.