20 Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels That Moms Need To Know (+ 5 Channels for Moms)

A lot of my mommy friends have expressed frustration that there are no good lists of kid-friendly YouTube channels and playlists out there, so here at Social Times we’ve decided to compile one. I’ve put together a list of 20 great YouTube channels and playlists for kids that moms will love, based on recommendations from friends as well as my own love for children’s television. Check out our 20 picks after the jump and stay tuned at the end for 5 fun YouTube channels geared towards moms as well!

Sesame Street

Sesame Street has been entertaining kids for over 40 years. It was my favorite show as a kid and it only continues to get better. Moms and dads, you don’t have to wait for Sesame Street to come on TV for your kids to be entertained. The Sesame Street YouTube channel has all kinds of great, educational videos, some of them starring your favorite actors and musicians.

Yo Gabba Gabba!

Yo Gabba Gabba is my personal favorite pre-school show. The characters are awesome, it’s got great music and it’s educational to boot! Yo Gabba Gabba also features a lot of fun celebrity guest appearances and indie rock band cameos. Check out Angela Kinsey’s guest appearance in the Back To School clip below.


The PBS YouTube channel offers a great PBS Kids playlist with all kinds of great shows, from Clifford the ‘Big Red Dog’ to Curious George’, ‘Sid The Science Kid’, ‘Super Why!’ and more. You can find additional PBS shows on the channels PBS Kids Go! playlist. PBS has hours of kid-friendly content on YouTube to keep your kids entertained.

They Might Be Giants Podcast For Kids

I absolutely love the ‘They Might Be Giants Podcast’. There isn’t a YouTube channel, but all of the TMBG kids songs are compiled into a playlist that makes it easy to find and share these great videos with your kids. The songs are catchy and the visuals are amazing! Check out the TMBG song ‘Never Go To Work’ below and click here for the full playlist.

Houston Zoo

Do your kids love animals? Then they’ll love the Houston Zoo YouTube channel. The Houston Zoo YouTube channel features all sorts of cool, educational animal videos. Which animal does your child like best? I’m a big fan of leaping lemurs. Check ’em out in the clip below.

Simple Kids Crafts

Want to do something creative with your kids? The Simple Kids Crafts YouTube channel offers tons of cool crafts ideas. They let you know what materials you need and then walk you through the crafting process. Check out the Simple Kids Crafts videos for inspiration or watch the videos with your kids and make crafts together.

Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network YouTube channel is chock full of great cartoons for your kids to watch. They’ve got lots of excerpts from ‘Adventure Time’, ‘Pokemon’, ‘Ben 10’ and more. Embedding has been disabled for Cartoon Network videos, but you can check them all out on YouTube!

Muppets Studio

People of all ages love the Muppets, and while they may not be quite as educational as some of the other children’s video content they are still really entertaining for kids. The Muppets Studio YouTube channel has all kinds of great Muppets music videos. The Muppets also just launched a new cooking show web series, which you and your kids are sure to love as well!

Word World PBS

If your kids are just starting to learn to read then the World World PBS YouTube channel is a great place to compliment what they are learning in school. Word World offers a great selection of videos about words and spelling. Check out the ‘Dancing Dog’ video below for a T-A-S-T-E of what the channel has to offer!

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