Kickstarter project seeks funding for new app documentary

app documentaryApps are not a new phenomena – they’re just a shortened term of the word application, which has been widely used as a name for software made for computers. With the advent of smartphones, apps are more recognizable, desirable, downloadable, and now, even ready for a film documentary.

A new Kickstarter project aims to do just that – put apps at the center of the camera with humans as storytellers. Apps: The Human Story is a movie about apps, or, just “what it means to be human in a world of technology.”

App creation has become the new art form for our generation.This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.

While we love apps and we love using apps – they’re not just the “new art form for our generation.” Plenty of apps don’t fall into the category of art, and many are poorly designed and can possibly be full of malware. There are a lot of great apps that are beautiful, but apps are like many other profitable items humans create, a vast majority are not worthy of an art frame.

The documentary itself has a lot of potential as it bears witness to the growing tide of apps that help people perform daily functions whilst sharing the same device as entertainment. For those who work hand in hand with mobile apps, it’s likely to be extremely relevant and historic. However, the introductory video seems to be very iOS heavy to have a wider audience. Let’s hope the film makers find more Android users and developers to interview.