Kickstarter Project Improves Typing On An iPad

Image courtesy of the TouchFire Kickstarter project
Image courtesy of the TouchFire Kickstarter project

Four years after Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone’s on-screen keyboard and encouraged us to trust it, we have grown used to them despite the fact that they don’t provide a good touch typing experience. We all learned to touch type on physical keyboards that provide feedback that enables us to feel our way around the keyboard. TouchFire is a Kickstarter project that plans to produce a product that adds a physical layer to the iPad’s on-screen keyboard.

As you will see in the video below, the TouchFire is a transparent, rubberized skin that fits right over the iPad’s keyboard. The skin has “buttons” that fit right over the appropriate button on the keyboard, and pressing the button creates the appropriate contact to the screen to register the button press.

The project has far exceeded it’s original $10,000 goal, with 921 backers pledging $62,507. If you want a TouchFire you can make a pledge of $45, which gets you a keyboard, storage case, and a pair of cover clips.