Kickstarter Parodies Make You Feel Less Guilty About Not Donating

Once upon a time, liking a project on the internet had absolutely no financial repercussion. Then the introduction of crowd-sourcing and the likes of Kickstarter promptly removed that sense of financial disconnect.

Now, liking projects on the internet can cost money and emotion. It’s overwhelming. How many things can one possibly appreciate, support, and also consume? With equal veracity!

You may not want or need more things, but the inundation of constant requests for Kickstarter donations can make you feel utterly miserly. Luckily, I know the perfect comedic cure for your guilt and wallet. Thingstarter! It’s the best part about Kickstarter (videos) and ideas (humor). From racism to homelessness, you’ll be so offended, you can’t keep enough of your own cash.

Check out these terrible (fictitious) projects! They are so terrible you’ll want to give them money to not create anything – except maybe more satirical videos?

Better Homeless Signs: Want to help homeless people? Yes. Want to pay Brooklyn designers to conceptualize and print signs for the homeless? Lucky you, there’s no donate button!

iNotRacist: Can’t tell if you’re racist? This parody app claims to help, but I think it’ll make you look even more obliviously racist.

TinyDiapers: If you think everything small is cute, you’re going to want some tiny diapers. There are a million uses, but they’re all pointless.