Kevin Smith Blows Up Movie Critic TV Show Format

With Roger Ebert’s valiant attempt to revive At the Movies having faded into the sunset, writer-director Kevin Smith is aiming to kick-start the critics-talking-heads format on Hulu beginning June 4 with a fundamentally different approach. In each episode of Spoilers, he will have 50 citizen co-hosts.

KevinSmithHuluPromoThe hoi polloi popcorn chompers will be chosen via a website launching today and get to chime in about big summer blockbusters like The Dark Knight Rises and Rock of Ages. Ahead of the first taping at his new SmodCo Studios facility on Universal City Walk, Smith teased some of the other content in an interview with Wired:

“We’re going to do a beat called Movie Goon where like I’ll have on my friend Malcolm Ingram, who hates everything. He’s one of these nihilists. If it’s popular, he can’t stand it. He represents the Internet. So we’ll bring him on and let him have his say and then we’ll beat him up verbally and tell him why he’s wrong — have a good old-fashioned debate.”

“We’re going to do a bit called Criterion Corner, where we sit around and geek out over the library and talk about flicks that maybe people don’t know about. There are so many titles in the Criterion Collectionnow that people don’t even know them all. We’re doing cartoons as well. We’ll be doing a Hollywood Babble-On cartoon.”

There will also be celeb interviews, improv bits pairing show contributors with Jason Mewes and more. Sounds like a potent free-for-all. New episodes will post on Mondays, with Hulu committed to an original order of ten.

To read the rest of the Wired interview, click here.