Newspaper Reporter Explains the Reasons for His Departure

KevinSabanKevin Sablan (pictured), one of the Orange County Register journalists who recently took a buyout, has blogged today about how that decision was reached. He devotes a great deal of his post to what were, for him, the better Register days:

During my first eight years at the paper, I worked on advancing our digital efforts. I started as a slightly glorified Web monkey, part of a team that got stories online and made sure the site’s many moving parts were updated throughout the day.

Freedom. It was a great time. There weren’t enough bosses to review everything that published online, and standards were still being set. I could experiment without fear of losing my job. I threw in some fancy CSS and JavaScript trickery. I did things like embed a tour of the Rose Parade (a Google Map that could be navigated with custom buttons) into an article. I made tables sortable. I never had to ask for permission…

Sablan briefly gets around to the big picture of new Register owners Aaron Kushner and Eric Spitz. But his post is mostly about the ground-level view of a digital guy who got squeezed – intentionally or otherwise – by that pair’s focus on print and community newspaper expansion.

Sablan wrote a separate post Wednesday about the importance of digital. He says he will announce his next professional move tomorrow.

Sablan’s last day at the Register was June 20. We wish him all the best with his future endeavors.

[Image via: Google+]