Ketchum’s Kotcher: BRIC Countries Are ‘Significant,’ ‘Rapidly Growing’

Following this morning’s news about Omnicom’s earnings and the Maslov acquisition, Ketchum CEO Ray Kotcher spoke optimistically about the future of the firm and the emerging BRIC markets.

“Any professional services firm needs to make a strategic choice,” Kotcher told PRNewser. “Are you going to be highly specialized in either a sector or industry? Are you going to be highly focused on a geography? Or are you going to create a professional service firm that services clients on a globally-integrated basis?”

He says the firm has chosen option three.

Kotcher emphasized the importance of the BRIC countries as an area for growth, saying their economies are both “significant” and growing.

“Clients outside of BRIC are moving into those markets because they’re rapidly growing,” Kotcher added. “Companies based and headquartered in those countries are now becoming global players as well. They now need access to a global network to help them.”

Omnicom doesn’t break down their earnings per PR firm, but Kotcher did say that Q3 was “the strongest of the year for Ketchum.” He highlighted digital and research as strong areas and said the firm has made 195 new hires this year (80 in the third quarter) and more than 100 promotions.