Ketchum CEO: Davos is Still Relevant

(Davos, Switzerland)

The annual World Economic Forum, aka “Davos,” will take place in the small Swiss ski town next week, with Condeleeza Rice addressing attendees at the opening meeting.

Some, such as former Intel CEO Andy Grove, think the conference can be a waste of time. According to, “he went once and won’t be back, after attending a private dinner where the introductions took so long they never got to a real discussion.”

This is not the case with both Ray Kotcher, head of Ketchum, and Edelman CEO Richard Edelman. In the same article Kotcher told reporter Camilla Webster, “It is a chance to network with new people, engage in stimulating dialogue and expand their perspectives and thinking.”

While Edelman called the conference, “live theater,” and still gets caught up in the event’s excitement.

Do you have any clients asking you to work some magic and get them into this elite gathering? What was your strategy? Do tell. PRNewser’s ears are wide open.