Kentucky Brings Fried Chicken-Scented Candles to The World

There's a marketing agency behind this one...

Ever wanted your home to smell like a KFC without endangering the health of your arteries?

You’re in luck!

Today, May 8, marks the launch of a new and improved line of Kentucky-themed candles, complete with a fried chicken-scented version.

Kentucky for Kentucky, an organization whose mission is to “inform the world by promoting Kentucky people, places, and products,” recently announced the release of “a magnificent line of candles that smell like the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

(Side note: K for K just happens to be an extended side project of the integrated marketing agency Cornett, based in…you guessed it…Lexington, Kentucky.)

While the candles first launched in 2013, the new collection is being promoted as “better than ever,” and includes scents like Hot Browns, Fried Chicken, Mint Julep, and — yes — KFC’s Double Down sandwich.

In a statement, Kentucky for Kentucky said they “feel blessed, y’all,” to announce the release of the collection, which was born of a collaboration with the state’s famous candle-maker Kathy Werking.

There’s one catch, though: only twenty-five of each variety of candle is available for purchase, so if you just can’t imagine going on with your life without a home decor item with the power to “sweep you away to an Old Kentucky home away from home,” you’d better hurry!