Ken Sunshine Partners Up

Star publicist Ken Sunshine takes a break from blogger dodging to announce some retooling at his shop:

from Ken Sunshine
hide details 11:51 am (4 minutes ago)
to Ken Sunshine
cc Shawn Sachs
date May 8, 2007 11:51AM
subject Sharing Great News

I am pleased to tell you about exciting changes at our company.

Shawn Sachs, who has been my right hand for the past six years, is becoming my partner in our new firm, which will be called Sunshine, Sachs & Associates.

The following quotes are part of a press release that went out this morning:

“Shawn Sachs has been an integral part of the growth of our firm over the past six years,” Sunshine stated. “Today’s announcement formalizes a unique partnership that promises to lead us into continued success while emphasizing social responsibility, philanthropy, creative integrity and independence in servicing a very special client base. We have the most talented team of professionals in the business, and our future promises to be even more successful and fulfilling as the past sixteen years have proven.”

“When it comes to public relations there is no one better then Ken Sunshine and I’m excited to take this enormous step with him and the entire firm,” said Sachs. “As an independent company, our clients know that we are responsible only to them and achieving their goals. As Sunshine, Sachs & Associates we will continue on as a communications firm based on smart, hard-nosed PR with a tradition of old-fashioned service.”

I hope you join me in congratulating Shawn. On behalf of our team, we look forward to many years of professional service for our clients while doing good in the world.

Ken Sunshine


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