Pulitzer Winner Fondly Recalls Woman Who Mooned the Police

A cherished memory from the small-stories end of the spectrum.

The four Pulitzer Prizes won or shared by Ken Armstrong (pictured) include the 2012 prize for Investigative Reporting (with Michael J. Berens, Seattle Times) and the 2016 prize for Explanatory Reporting (with T. Christian Miller, ProPublica). He currently works for The Marshall Project, remotely, in Seattle.

When he guested on public radio program Access Utah, host Tom Williams chuckled at the mention in Armstrong’s website bio of covering a story in Twin Falls, Idaho involving a woman who mooned the police. For a local newspaper called the Times-News:

”When you are a reporter, you do all stories-big and small-and I have to tell you, the story of the woman who mooned the police has stayed with me about more than any other. It still remains, many years later, one of my favorite stories.”

“It was because she was so adamant about how she would do it again. It was fun being able to interview her. Because it was something where, a lot of times it’s difficult to reach people, under circumstances like that, but she was happy to talk about what she did.”

This Utah Public Radio program is part of this year’s Pulitzer Prizes Centennial Campfires Initiative, which is designed to help expand and support celebrations of the organization’s 100th anniversary. Another Campfires event is set for the 92nd Street Y next Tuesday. More info about that one, here.

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Photo via: bykenarmstrong.com