Kelly Wallace Talks About Making the Jump to New Media

Wallace081710.jpegToday iVillage launches a new web video series, “iVillage 5.” The women-centric website has tapped Kelly Wallace, a former CNN and CBS journalist who serves as iVillage’s “Chief Correspondent,” to host the produce the program.

Wallace joined iVillage last month.

WebNewser spoke to Wallace about the show, and making the jump from television to new media.

“Women are busy, moms are busy, we don’t always have a ton of time to surf the net and find the stories we are interested in” Wallace told us. “This is a quick two minute plus look at stories we think women might have missed or want to hear more about.”

Wallace says the program will take advantage of the interactive nature of the web, and will tap into the iVillage community for inspiration.

“We are also very much using our community to find out what women at iVillage have been talking about,” she said. “That will help decide what stories we talk about.”

While it may be a new medium, Wallace says being on a beat again brings back memories of her TV news days. Specifically, she says iVillage’s focus on women will let her dive deeper into stories.

“Some of the most exciting and satisfying aspects of my career have been when I have been on a beat,” she said. “When I was covering the White House for CNN, or covering the Middle East for CNN or even politics. With a beat you can really go deep into a story, break news, develop sources, go beyond the day to day, and that is what I have here again.”

But it is not without a bit of a learning curve. She recalls a conference call she took at home, which her husband overheard.

“I was talking about landing pages and verticals, he kind of laughed and said ‘hello, I think need to get an update on the new vocabulary.'”

“iVillage 5” may be taped, but Wallace says the excitement at the company is comparable to when she first when on the air.

“I almost feel like I am going live for the first time with my first on-air report. I have that same kind of excitement, that energy, anything is possible kind of feeling,” she said. “I am learning a ton, every day is different, I am getting new projects that I have never had before.”