Keeping Busy, Going Slower

Keeping Busy, Going Slower


When I’m not blogging, or splattering milk all over my kitchen, I’m running my gallery. One of the aspects of promoting the gallery and its exhibitions that I’ve really enjoyed is printing: letterhead, business cards, exhibition postcards, all of it. I was very fortunate to have the help of lots of great, talented friends when I first opened (and to this very day). Dana came up with a type treatment for my name, and we based my colors on what I had chosen for text and background colors on my Fotolog page. Simple, but it worked.

My friend Kayhan built on what Dana started – he came and spent time in the space, talked with me about my ideas (gently steering me away from the bad ones) and came up with an identity design that is distinctive, but flexible. The simple band design, which you see on the postcard above has worked perfectly for every show I’ve had since the gallery opened – nineteen and counting!

My resources are pretty limited – I certainly don’t have the print budget that a Chelsea gallery does, but I’ve figured out a way to print cards that usually come out looking pretty spiffy. I had one unfortunate incident when I ran a print job twice, for this image: the first run way was too magenta, the second too cyan. We ended up using the second batch, but man, they were way way way off. It was crazymaking.

eshepard_armory.jpgAt first, I tried to work with small shops where I could actually get a proof before they did they job, but the cost was prohibitive. Now I have settled on a gang-run house, Compucolor. It’s not always a perfect color match but they are affordable, and fast. Dana finished this card and uploaded it to their site yesterday evening – the cards (5,000 of them) were delivered to the gallery about an hour ago. And they look awesome, I have to say!

And now, I will pimp the upcoming show: photographs by none other than one Mr. Eliot Shepard, he of fame. (Also, an occasional member of Gawker‘s Team Party Crash.) I am immeasurably excited about this show, it’s been a long time in the making.