Keep Your Friends Close and the National Enquirer Closer

010726_Enquirer_Bill.jpgIf Howard Wolfson is to be believed Hillary Clinton lost the nomination to Barack Obama because the press didn’t uncover the John Edwards love child story in time for all those Edwards votes to go to her. Regrets, we’ve had a few, etc. It’s a rather shaky theory especially considering that most of the Edwards voters went to Obama after he dropped out of the race. However! According to the Palm Beach Post the National Enquirer may have been doing all they could to help out Hillary (as some sort of weird retribution for all those philandering Bill stories back in ’92 maybe?).

An item in today’s Post says that “the troops at the Enquirer were instructed not to do any anti-Hillary Clinton stories during the campaign.” Really? One could argue there weren’t a lot of skeletons to be further flushed out of Hillary’s closet (Bill may be a different story) but the Post speculates that two Clinton chums — Clinton numbers man Roger Altman, who “poured $767 million” into NE‘s parent company AMI back in 1999, and the infamous Ron Burkle, who was tried to buy AMI last year — may have had more to do with it. Sometimes you get what you need.