Keep Tomkins In Your Thoughts

Former UPI White House Reporter Richard Tomkins vowed to return to Iraq and embed with U.S. troops when UPI shutdown it’s White House bureau on the very day in July that the new press briefing room was opened.

He did as he promised in early November, stringing for a number of news organizations.

On Tuesday, Jan. 8, while at the head of a column in a new push to oust al-Qaida from Diyala province, he was blown up by an IED. The 50-60 pound TNT device played havoc with the 40-ton Buffalo he was riding in, blowing off the armor plating and twisting the vehicle frame, but Tomkins and the soldiers he was with suffered only concussive injuries.

Tomkins is now at a rear base recovering from the bell ringing, but plans on being back in the field shortly.