Keemba Studios Launches Bugs vs. Aliens on iOS

A team of three independent game developers from Hungary have released their first game on iOS devices: Bugs vs. Aliens. The game gives players control of an army of bugs, who must fight back against an alien invasion in an endless runner setup. In each game, players tilt their device to move their flying hero insect left or right across the screen, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins and saving other bugs in the process.

bugs aliensDuring flight, players avoid tall mushrooms, grassy platforms, bug-catching nets, laser lines and other obstacles by tilting to move left and right or swiping up and down on the screen to change altitude. Other insects are trapped in crystals and spread randomly throughout the path, and collecting them adds them to the player’s “swarm.” This swarm flies behind the player and will kill aliens in the path, before they’re dropped off at nests at the side of the screen.

Players collect coins to purchase upgrades for their hero bugs, with each hero having their own upgrades. The player starts with Steve, a basic bug with no special skills, but who can be upgraded to receive bonus coins while playing, or to spot trapped swarm bugs more frequently, as examples.

Users can also purchase special boosters before each game. These may multiply collected coins, or increase the user’s score multiplier, or even boost them forward with a “head start” at the beginning of the game.

Gamers can compare their best scores against other via Game Center support, which also includes access to 29 unlockable achievements.

Bugs vs. Aliens is available to download for free on iOS. The game is supported via in-app purchases, including virtual currency bundles, premium Bug Heroes, booster packs and more.