KCRW continues to infiltrate all aspects of global media

It is foretold that in the end days, a public radio station featuring a wide variety of music and cultural programming will rise in the West, eventually becoming so powerful that it is locked in a struggle for the future of humanity with the Vatican, the United Nations, and several Viacom subsidiaries. This station is, of course, KCRW, and here’s another sign that judgement day is near. According to THR, the new CBS mid-season replacement show ‘Love Monkey’ is, in part, based on Nic Harcourt:

[Show creator Michael] Rauch, an inveterate New Yorker and graduate of Columbia University Film School, admits he fell for Smith’s novel because in so many ways he is the lead character, from the location of his apartment to his commitment-phobic love life. Rauch tweaked the setting of the novel by transforming Farrell from a tabloid journalist to a music devotee, a character inspired by Nic Harcourt, host of public radio’s influential “Morning Becomes Eclectic” program and a co-producer on “Love Monkey” as well as an old friend of Rauch’s who lived the A&R guy club-hopping life for years.

Coming soon, I’m sure: The Michael Silverblatt bio-pic.