Pregnant Meteorologist Gets Bumped Up to Front Page

Extra! Extra! Breed all about it!

Not too many expectant mothers mark their ninth month of pregnancy on the front page of their hometown newspaper. But that’s the case with Katie Fehlinger, the CBS 3 meteorologist whose Wednesday Facebook post addressing objections about her current on-air appearance launched her onto the pages of Yahoo Parenting, and today, the Philadelphia Daily News.


Fehlinger was also interviewed Friday by her own station, the day her ninth month of pregnancy began. She is due with twins Sept. 27 and told Daily News columnist Jenice Armstrong that she hopes to continue working until Sept. 13.

The comments section of the Daily News piece echo the tenor of the discussion that got this whole matter rolling. Some readers applaud Fehlinger’s decision to keep working, while others feel it exceeds the bounds of what they expect to see when tuning in a TV weather forecast. Mentioned casually in the Daily News article is the fact that Fehlinger began receiving angry feedback about her pregnant appearance in February.
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