Katie Couric vs. Diane Sawyer: Advantage, Sawyer

Hot Katie.jpgDiane Sawyer.jpgAlessandra Stanley’s hatchet job on Katie Couric in Monday’s NYT has been generating ink all week on Katie Couric, her future, her competition, and her legs.

So far, Katie’s diva reputation hasn’t been contested, though Stanley’s comment that “[a]t the first sound of her peremptory voice and clickety stiletto heels, people dart behind doors and douse the lights” has yet to be substantiated (and there has still been no correction in the NYT per the request of Steve Brill)(Myrna Blyth backs up similar claims at TNR, noting that “for years her staff has called her ‘Katie Dearest'”).

But at Good Morning America, fortunes are only rising; according to today’s Page Six, GMA scored a massive scoop by getting a publicist-free interview with Brad Pitt – who brought Angelina Jolie. As USA Today points out, they’ve also got the ABC programming juggernaut (Desperate Housewives, Lost) on their side.

Meanwhile, Katie still has Jeff Zucker on her side (though yesterday’s Post reported a wandering, appreciative eye toward Kelly Ripa).

Page Six’s Couric Legwatch also reported that, since Monday’s NYT invective, her gams have been prudently obscured by pants and plants. Aw. Good thing we can always rely on Sawyer to bust out a micro-mini!

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