Kate Lewis Talks the Future of Hearst Magazines

Kate Lewis, VP of content operations and editorial director of Hearst Magazines Digital Media (HMDM), has a lot on her plate. She oversees editorial for all 18 of Hearst Magazines’ websites. With that much responsibility, Lewis has plenty of expert insight into the magazine world.

In an interview, Lewis spoke about her love of print and what the future holds for HMDM. Below are some highlights.

On how her love for print can help digital operations:

I care deeply about the way we present our content, that we think like features editors and don’t just pursue the ephemeral Internet news story. I also want to go after big packages and meaningful features, and figure out how to make the Internet listen to us.

On how teamwork is vital to her job:

One thing I am particularly proud of is how the editors themselves gravitate to each other and work together. I also have a strong team of deputies under me that pitches in on a lot of what’s happening on editorial—from strategy to design to getting the day-to-day tasks done.

On what’s next for HMDM:

There are lots of things I am obsessed with—expanding the use of data to drive better editorial decision-making, furthering relationships with international, the newspapers and TV stations… But perhaps the biggest thing we’re hoping to launch next year will be a community of contributors and users that we can pull content from.

[Image: Hearst Corp.]