Twitter's 'Algorithm' Must Be Broken, Because It Just Suggested I Follow Kanye West

I moaned about Twitter’s new suggestions for you/who to follow feature last week, but despite this I was kind of hoping I was being my (occasional) curmudgeon self and their touted ‘algorithm’ was going to right itself and eventually suggest people I might actually want to follow. You know: interesting people.

No such luck. All week long it’s been nothing but individuals who are either members of the suggested user suggestions list, random verified users and people or brands who have the slightest connection to me because I said something loosely connected about them once. While drinking.

I mean, it’s been accounts like Oprah Winfrey, for Christ’s sake. Not to mention Stephen Fry and Alan Davies, one of whom I have zero interest in following, and the other who I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

And just now Twitter suggested Kanye West.

Kanye West.

Two thoughts:

  1. This is garbage, and
  2. So is their ‘algorithm’

Thank God for the hide button, but I fear that if I click this any more I’ll end up with Carpal Tunnel. Can’t I just hide the entire lousy feature?

Come on Twitter, you can do better than this. Can’t you?