Kanye West Takes Summer Internship at Gap


Because Kanye West‘s days consist of 49 hours, as opposed to our measly 24, he is able to appear as a guest on nearly every song released internationally, make 14 music videos for each of his own pieces, and now, still having a batch of hours leftover in his day, he’s decided to intern at Gap. He’s been working with Patrick Robinson, who came to Gap from Target just two short years ago and had apparently been doing such a bang up job that the company’s European staff was let go. And now West is there, lending a hand, likely with the idea of making the brand more hip. And just like most people’s internships, at the end of his tenure there, West will likely receive his own line of clothing through the company. Here’s a bit:

Sources say West is taking the internship seriously, too. He’s apparently been putting in late night hours – including staying in the office until 2 a.m. It has been speculated West is looking to launch a line of clothing for the Gap, but so far, those reports have not been confirmed.

West is no stranger to the fashion business. The hip-hop star has worked with Nike to launch a line of sneakers and also has a luxe line of sneakers with high-end fashion designer Louis Vutton.