K-Fed-Exed: Federline’s Album Publicity Tour Now Soaked In Britney Divorce Irony

Now that Britney Spears‘ divorce of Kevin Federline has sufficiently rocked the celebrity media world, Federline’s recent press tour for his new album — once yawnable — is now soaked in pre-split irony, and otherwise throwaway interviews with K-Fed are being strutted out again. Some notes:

  • Federline appeared on MuchMusic on Monday talking — aww, sweetly — about his baby’s Momma.
  • Salon — Saloninterviewed Federline last week: “All the jewelry I’m wearing has already gone up in value.”
  • Perez Hilton reports Federline may have been served notice of divorce papers via text message.
  • As Jossip notes, when “Time f*cking magazine” is devoting coverage, you know it’s a big story.
  • It appears Britney does what we usually do after we’ve filed for divorce: Go skating in Rock Center.


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