Justin Bieber Enlists Millions of Followers to Cyberstalk an Underage Stranger

Reason number 8,201 why they hate us!

For the entertainment media, the throng of paparazzi, and for the hapless dolts who have nothing better to do than keep up with the Kardashians, this one’s for you.

Celebrities can take advantage of things that the rest of us can’t because of who they are — they get free stuff by just showing up, they are paid oodles of cash for a simple selfie, and they become masters of their own universe by tweeting “I like to drink tap water with my pinkie up” and get 3.85K likes and 22,000 shares.

Justin Bieber has 71 million acolytes followers on Twitter and another 48.2 million on Instagram. He toys with them from time to time to plug a product, shill for an appearance, or sell some downloads, but he has taken his skills to a whole new — and very creepy — level.

Omg who is this!!

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Check the comments — 265,000! Biebs evidently has a difficult time getting action, so he takes to Instagram for his own version of Match.com.

All he had to do was ask who this person was and 48 million sleuths looking to impress TMZ for a job got to work. And BTW, Cindy Kimberley, as we would learn, is under 18, so nice job publicizing her address celebrity media.

Following Captain Creepers OMG-ing her face, she gained 412,000 followers. For…what, again?! And much to the chagrin of all the beliebers out there, Cindy’s response may not be what you think:

Biebs and his minions caused Ms. Wimberly to delete her Instagram and Tumblr. There are even parody accounts and a few desperate girls claiming they are her.

Oh, and she’s a babysitter in England. Guess some family is looking for a new nanny. Maybe Biebs can try crashing high school graduations in Denmark next week?

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