Justin Bieber And MTV Team Up With Facebook Against Cyberbullying

Justin Bieber, Facebook, and MTV are teaming up against digital abuse, with a contest called Draw Your Line.

What do Facebook, Justin Beiber, and MTV have in common?

Okay, not a whole lot, but there’s this: The three powerhouses are teaming up in a campaign called Draw Your Line, which aims to stop digital abuse. That includes but is not limited to: cyberbullying, online stalking, and harassment via texting.

Enter the contest either on the A Thin Line Facebook page, or the contest’s site, by posting about the action you are taking to stop the spread of digital abuse. Here’s a list of actions suggested by Draw Your Line:

Delete it: Delete inappropriate messages or images from your digital devices.
Block it: Block a phone number or online user from sending hurtful or harassing messages.
Change your passwords: Change your passwords on your phone, social networking and email accounts to prevent unwanted access to your accounts.
Speak up: Call out someone who is abusing you or report them to the site administrators, the authorities or a trusted adult.
Get help: Get support from a parent, teacher, friend, online resource or other trusted source if you are being abused.

Within those categories, you can type a personalized message describing what you did to “draw your line.” All of the actions contributed by entrants post on an interactive map, so you can see where people are making positive changes.

The program also encourages people to check out the Facebook safety page for updates on how to keep you and your family safe while surfing the ‘Net.

And yes, there are prizes involved. Every time you post an action until the end of March, you are eligible to enter for a chance to win. The grand prize is a trip for two and backstage passes to a taping of MTV’s “The Seven,” plus a personalized voicemail greeting recorded by Justin Bieber. Three first prize winners will receive a personalized voicemail greeting recorded by Bieber, and ten will win 250 Facebook Credits.

We give props to both MTV and Facebook for drawing attention to online privacy rights, as well as promoting more thoughtful behavior on the sites. Since this campaign is obviously positioned towards teens and pre-teens (not to say that grown women don’t love Beiber), it seems like a good idea to cultivate better habits among the youths logging onto Facebook.

Do you think this is a smart campaign to help curb cyberbullying?