Just When We Thought The Last Thing We Needed Was More Bloggery


Our bff 4eva Steve Heller slipped mention of the School for Visual Arts MFA program’s upcoming blog, CRIT, when he moderated the blog panel at the AIGA, and he wasn’t lying. The site launched a couple days ago and we’ve been watching. It’s divided into five categories that seem to (loosely) correspond to the real-life categories designers face: academics, classroom, design, the real world, and visual culture. Right now the discussions seem a little archinect-for-the-design-student, with similar questions and issues, like “How many hats can one designer wear?” and “At this rate I’m going to go nuts.” Ha! Designers are funny. We asked Steve what he thought about it. This is what he said:

As far as I can tell, this is the first blog by and for design grad students. Although it was launched by SVA’s MFA Designer As Author Students (editor/designer Clement Wu, and designer/code Glenn Eaton – who is our in-department tech administrator), it is open to all grad students and faculty in all design disciplines. It will address a healthy mix of academic as well as cultural and social issues and serve as both a forum and resource. From an educational position it’s a great way for students to express some of the concerns they bring up in classes or thesis work, but it also will contribute to the growing critical dialogue about design in all its forms.

People keep mentioning this growing critical dialogue but to be honest we can’t see it, or feel it, or touch it.
But we’ll keep looking, and in the meantime, keep reading.