Just Smile and Be the International Design Superstar You Are


The authors of the 2004 book Business Cards: The Art of Saying Hello (above) are introducing us to more great ideas. Liz Farrelly and Mike Dorrian are not only working on a business card sequel, they’re embarking on an ambitious project to find the 100 best up-and-coming graphic designers to feature in their next book, 100@360.

We’re looking to find the world’s top 100 up-and-coming graphic designers to feature in a new book. Do you qualify? Have you been out of college for five years or less? Or, has it been less than five years since your left a big agency to work independently, on your own or with friends?

We want to showcase 100 young designers and groups, who have graduated or set up business within the last five years, in a new book that will become a must-have source for new talent. By featuring a short profile, contact details and up to four captioned projects, each contributor will be introduced to an international readership.

If you think you should be in the mix, send an email to liz.farrelly(AT)btconnect.com, and she’ll send you all information for submitting. May the hottest young thing win.