Just In Time For Thanksgiving, Twitter’s Latest Competitor Is Revealed

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Robert M. Caruso (you may know him as @fondalo on Twitter) has unveiled a new social network set to rival Twitter: Gobbler.

The image is, of course, a joke. Caruso, who is the CEO/founder of social content management system Bundle Post, posted the graphic on his newest blog, Social Graphics.

So how did this hilarious image come to be? I sent Caruso a Direct Message on Twitter to find out and while he remained coy, which may have something to do with the 140 character limit, he said content is a big priority to him.

“I have about 15 blog posts & 20 image ideas always in draft at all times,” he said in the DM.

What I found most interesting was how Caruso had been dropping hints about the “new” social network on Twitter. The night before the post went live, he tweeted to his more than 24,000 followers, “Tomorrow’s Social Graphic – “New Social Network To Compete With Twitter” 🙂 Find it tomorrow at: http://ow.ly/7B0ch.”

This was a great tactic for Caruso to use, since it whetted his followers’ interests and ensured they would check his blog the next day. He didn’t mention the post wasn’t serious and since social media consumers always want to know what the Next Big Thing will be, that headline was sure to reel them in.

So, dear readers, an early Happy Thanksgiving. I, for one, am grateful for social networking sites like Twitter that let me find and share images like Caruso’s with all of you.

Image courtesy of BundlePost.com.