Judge Revives RIAA Racketeering Lawsuit

A racketeering lawsuit against the Recording Industry Association of America was revived Friday, a month after a federal judge dismissed the case seeking to represent those falsely sued for copyright infringement by the record labels, Wired reports:

“The lawsuit, filed in Oregon U.S. District Court on behalf of an Oregon woman who was wrongly accused of pilfering music via the Kazaa file-sharing network, seeks to represent thousands of people the woman’s attorneys claim have been wrongly targeted by the record labels’ lobbying organization.”

According to the report, the judge said the new, amended complaint must demonstrate the RIAA has been initiating “sham” litigation unsupported by any evidence: “the RIAA sues those whose IP addresses were detected sharing copyrighted music, meaning its cases likely are rooted with enough support that they might likely pass the ‘sham’ smell test.”

In the process of reviving the suit, it’s possible that the RIAA will be forced to reveal its potentially illegal tactics for sniffing out file sharers.