JT LeRoy Is Alive and Well and in the Hollywood Hills, Maybe

Like many things that may or may not exist–Sasquatch, Brad Renfro’s brain, a house priced under $3 million– JT LeRoy has been reportedly sighted in the Hollywood Hills. Yes, the bad novelist wunderkind whose very presence on this Earth has been a matter of recent media speculation may be ensconced there. Or maybe not. From our sibling site Galley Cat:

England finally catches up to last October’s speculation about JT LeRoy’s existence as Laura Barton of The Guardian flies out to Los Angeles in search of the reclusive author. The snark falls in predictable patterns as Barton recaps the author’s public trajectory (“It is a reasonable assumption that there are now more celebrities devoted to JT LeRoy than there are to Scientology”), but eventually the story works its way around to bizarre interludes that read like they’ve fallen out of the pages of a Bruce Wagner novel. Hey, there’s another name to add to the growing list of potential LeRoy true identities…can’t be any wackier than Barton’s guess that it might be Carrie Fisher, at least some of the time.

Carrie Fisher? Could be. Although I’ve always suspected she was Angelyne, and how much time can she really be spending impersonating non-existent media figures?