JS-Kit Is Now Echo

JSKitEchoLogo.jpgIn August, JS-Kit announced the beta release of real-time commenting tool Echo. Since then, JS-Kit has apparently been happy enough with what it calls “Real-Time Streams for Content” to rename itself Echo, the company announced on its blog.

Echo also announced a host of established media companies that have become customers: CBS/CNET, Discovery News, Dow Jones Local Media Group, Hearst Digital News, The Press Enterprise, CanWest, Technorati and NPR and PBS affiliate KQED.

Among new features Echo announced Dec. 1:
• Whirlpools: Turn long conversation threads and similar comments into neat clusters of activity.
• Split Stream: Split the Echo stream between comments and other “social reactions” with total control over the visual layout.
• Social Likes: A lightweight way for readers to participate by endorsing each other’s comments. User faces and names are displayed for everyone to see.
• Pause: An intuitive and subtle feature that simply queues any new items from appearing in the real-time stream while the user is hovering over Echo.

Highlights from Tuesday’s blog post:

Three months ago, we announced the “death of comments” on stage at the TechCrunch Real-Time Crunchup.

In their place, we created a new product and, with it, a new product category that we call Real-Time Streams for Content.

Today, we are announcing three new and related moves by JS-Kit.

Branding: JS-Kit, the company, is renaming itself to Echo. We believe this name better fits the new direction of the business.

Mission: We believe the Web is changing. Content used to be connected by links; content is now connected through real-time streams. Therefore we would like to reaffirm Echo’s core mission: To enable publishers to create and curate “real-time streams” for their content. Using cutting edge technologies, philosophies and user experiences, we work with publishers to make them first-class citizens on the real-time social Web.

Customers: In support of this new name and clarified mission, we are announcing our first group of customers to join the real-time Web with Echo (list above).

These partners, and their peers in the other companies listed above, are working closely with us to continue to shape Echo and ensure that it is the first, best platform for real-time streams for content.