Joynt Lets Readers in on ‘Real Housewives’ PR Madness

salahis091455-250x380.jpg It’s safe to say Bravo and writer/blogger Carol Joynt are not becoming fast friends.

On the other hand, it’s a great day for journalism when a journalist can write what is really happening behind the scenes as opposed to what she is “permitted” or supposed to say through the filter of an aggressive spokesperson.

Joynt brings us this must-read post of the day: An exchange she had with an Bravo communications woman regarding her upcoming sold out Q & A Cafe on June 17 with Tareq and Michaele Salahi that Joynt announced would happen “in advance of” the premier of Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of Washington D.C.’ The situation between Joynt and Bravo exploded Tuesday after Bravo became irate over an item in The Hill newspaper that declared that Joynt’s Q & A Cafe would “premier the Real Housewives.”

Joynt writes to Bravo Spokeswoman Rachelle Savoia: “Well, I never said that. YOU know I never said that. All I’ve announced is an interview with the Salahis and I’ve mentioned it would happen “in advance of the premiere of Real Housewives of Washington.”

You might think the exchange would die there.
But no. Bravo, in an out of mind-body experience, claims Joynt’s Q & A Cafe is not a “Bravo sanctioned” event. Bravo claims Joynt announced that she will interview the Salahis about the “Real Housewives” — a no no in “Real Housewives” land because the show likes to keep it “real.” Joynt says she doesn’t know what she’ll ask in the Q&A Cafe because it’s still two weeks away. “I can ask them about the oil spill in the Gulf if I want,” Joynt told FishbowlDC this morning. “Nobody can tell anybody what they can ask. It’s called freedom of the press. It’s a basic principle. It’s just so strange.”

A favorite Joynt line: “I wrote to Rachelle [Bravo PR woman], ‘You are obsessing’ and advised her to contact The Hill, have the item deleted and then to ‘move on.’ But Rachelle was not done with me. She had to bring in the lawyers.”

Joynt prints the exchange, including legal threats, on her website today. Don’t miss it.

FishbowlDC requested comment from Bravo Spokeswoman Savoia, who was featured on Joynt’s site today. We’ll bring you comments should she provide them.

Stay tuned…