Joynt Gets Flak on Salahi Q & A


Blogger Carol Joynt, who holds her Q & A Cafe at The Ritz, hosted Tareq and Michaele Salahi on Thursday. Well before the event, she began receiving some pretty prickly mail in response. We’ve highlighted some of the more spirited phrases.

Dear Carol,
I have huge repect for you and the QandA Cafe but interviewing these two degrades your reputation. Publicity for its own sake is a mistake.

I can’t believe that you would consider interviewing this sleazy couple after you have had someone of the caliber of Gwen Ifil last week!

My jaw dropped when I read that you were having the Tareq’s on your program. I, and most of the media, absolutely detest these people. I am afraid that having these two alledged “celebrities” on the Q&A Cafe only feeds fuel to their self-promotion. I know that you have to do what you have to do, but having these two as guests is distasteful.

I’m very disappointed and sorry to hear that you are entertaining these two. You should not be giving them ANY face time/public time. I am appalled that you will give those losers another platform for their crap. I have come to your Q & A’s for years and thought you were a decent person. Wow.