JoyBits brings Doodle Kingdom to iOS, Android


Mobile developer JoyBits has announced the launch of the newest game in its popular ‘Doodle’ franchise, Doodle Kingdom. Like other titles in the series, the game will see players combining elements to form new items, with over 100 elements available across over a dozen groups at launch.

Item combinations are made across 13 categories, as players choose two items that might create a third. Combining a “man” and a “beast,” for instance, may unlock the “domesticated animal” element, while that domesticated animal mixed with “magic” could create a unicorn, and so on. Many items are whimsical, fitting in with the game’s medieval and magical setting.

In addition to item creation, Doodle Kingdom features both quests and a hero-driven mini-game. Quests can only be completed as they’re associated elements are discovered in the item creation mode. These quests unlock bits of the game’s storyline, and new portions of the map to fill with additional creations.

Meanwhile, the “My Hero” mini-game sees players sending their hero on quests, running from the left to the right side of the screen while automatically attacking enemies. Players can boost their knight’s health and energy using coins, while also collecting more coins in the treasure chests that appear on the knight’s path.

“Doodle Kingdom marks an exciting new chapter for the Doodle series,” said JoyBits CEO Paul Baldwin. “Packed with new features, including the new runner style combat mode “My Hero”, Doodle Kingdom delivers a unique game play experience that we hope our fans worldwide will love.”

The Doodle series of games has been downloaded over 126 million times worldwide, with Doodle Kingdom being the first new game in the franchise in two years. Doodle Kingdom is now available to download on iOS and Android. The game costs $1.99 on phones and $2.99 on tablets. Check back soon to follow Doodle Kingdom on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.