Journos Wonder If They’re Still McCain’s Base

p1_mccain_all.jpgJeff Bercovici over at Portfolio asks if Presidential Nominee John McCain still plans on have biweekly press conferences and use the ‘Kennedy model’ like he told a group of reporters American Magazine Conference in Fajardo, Puerto Rico in 2005:

“You’re going to answer the question sooner or later, so it might as well be sooner,” he [McCain] said, even if it meant enduring “some pretty good scrubbings from the media.”

Of course, all that was long before the Arizona senator chose to make media-bashing a primary plank in his 2008 platform. Just today, his top strategist, Steve Schmidt, went to town on The New York Times, harrumphing that the paper, which has been reporting on the campaign’s ties to mortgage-industry lobbyists, “is today not by any standard a journalistic organization” Schmidt’s outburst follows weeks of attacks on the press over its supposedly unfair treatment of Sarah Palin.

It’s hard to imagine the McCain who claims to see reporters as members of a vast left-wing conspiracy is still willing to submit himself to interrogation at the hands of those same reporters every fortnight. So I put the question, via email and phone messages, to three McCain spokesmen: Is the candidate willing to reiterate his pledge to hold biweekly press conferences as president?

I haven’t heard back from any of them. If any fellow journalists are reading this out on the campaign trail, maybe you could press for an answer?

GASP. “In a world torn by politics – bonds are severed, friends are ripped apart. Love forbidden. The love that once was – can never be again.” Sniffle. Pass the popcorn.