Journos Head To The Movies With President Bush

From Cox Newspaper’s Ken Herman:

    White House reporters sometimes are invited to what are couched as “social events” in the building. There are informal receptions, there are lavish state dinners with foreign dignitaries and there are luncheons.

    And there is movie night in the Family Theater crafted out of what was an East Wing cloakroom before it became the White House movie house in 1942.

    Last Sunday, I attended my first movie night, invited, as best I can tell, because of the subject matter of the film being screened. “The Kite Runner” is based on the very successful and moving novel about two childhood friends in war-torn Afghanistan.

    My connection to the tale is professional — I traveled with Laura Bush to cover her 2005 trip to Afghanistan. And I was aboard Air Force One when President Bush made a surprise visit to Kabul. So that’s probably why I was invited to the film.

    Social events at the White House events can be a problem for reporters: On the record or off the record? Nobody said anything about off the record, except, of course, the president during pre-movie conversation with him.

    The bottom line is a conundrum about what’s fair to report from social events at the White House.

    So let’s try it this way and see if anybody yanks my White House press pass: Here’s what it might have been like if you had been invited to movie night.</UL.

    Oh the suspense. Read the rest here.