What Do You Want in the New Year?

By Betsy Rothstein and Eddie Scarry

We asked Washington journalists to tell us something they want or something they want to happen in 2013. There’s a few New York-based political scribes sprinkled in here. Here’s what they told us.

CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett: “I want political courage and skill commensurate with that demonstrated by our armed forces and diplomats in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other places of peril since 9/11.”

The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson: “I’d like to catch more trout. And I plan to.”

The Weekly Standard‘ Matt Labash: “I’m hoping this is the year in which  the internet finally craters. It’s had a good run, but nobody ever shuts it off.  So after all this relentless exposure – after everyone having their say, then saying a lot  more – we now get sick of people in minutes that used to take us years to get sick of otherwise. Which is why I’m pulling for less connectedness, and more solitude. Less digital. More analog. More wondering what people think, instead of knowing, then being disappointed. Less concern about trending topics. More concern with staying unconcerned about what everybody else is concerned about. Also, I think 2013 is going to be the Year of Joey Lawrence. He’s due. And with the internet disappearing, we’re going to need something/someone to fill the void. To teach us how to live again. To show us the old ways.”

WJLA’s Rebecca Cooper: “My wish list for 2013: 1) Jayne Sandman’s body WITHOUT Jayne Sandman’s workout schedule; 2) Pamela Sorensen’s social schedule WITHOUT Pamela Sorensen’s late night hours; 3) Dana Bash and Susanna Quinn’s Super Mom abilities WITHOUT Dana Bash and Susanna Quinn’s early morning wakeup calls; And – the thing I would most like in 2013: 4) to see my friends who cover politics without having to go to New Hampshire or Iowa in winter or Tampa or Charlotte in August to see them.”

Raptor Strategies’ David Bass:  “Shock and awe.”

FishbowlDC and Current TV’s Full Court Press Co-host Peter Ogburn:  “Peace, love and harmony finally coming to the nation’s capital. Also, I’d like to see a fistfight between Tim Grieve and David Martosko.”

FishbowlDC and The BlazeEddie Scarry: “I’d like Politico to be the first news organization to genetically engineer a reporter with a Blackberry for genitals. Makes anonymous sourcing of political operatives that much easier.”

Queen Levine (a.k.a. radio correspondent Mark Levine): “In 2013, I’d like to see mediabistro get just a few basic facts right. Jon Stewart has proven you can be snarky and a journalist. (If you want to just make shit up, that’s fine too, but then you gotta know you’re doing it and be funny. Like the Onion. Good luck in 2013! And let me know if you need help understanding any of the hard words above. Like ‘journalist.'” (We suspect Levine’s snappy answer is in response to the drama queen’s appearance on our year-end list. He never misses a chance to brag about himself. Long live the queen!)

Current TV’s David Shuster: “In 2013, I want the baby Kera and I are having to come out healthy and happy and to possess a little more tact and patience than me — In other words, be like his/her mother.”

The Hill’s Managing Editor Bob Cusack: After about a year in the works, I finished a new screenplay this month (It’s not about politics). I hope to sell it in 2013. I also want to see Barney Frank get on Twitter in the new year.

Tommy Christopher, Mediaite White House Correspondent: “Besides fetch? In 2013 I really want a federal assault weapons ban (including semiautomatic handguns) with Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s NFA grandfather clause, and a federal firearms registry with a psychological fitness test, to happen.”

The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Poor: “Just off the top of my head, I’d like to see…1) Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher go away — go back to selling men’s suits or something 2) Political journalists to stop acting enamored with Robert Griffin, III and Bryce Harper as if they’re life-long Washington, DC sports fans 3) Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert to find Jesus or some other form of organized religion of his choosing and have a little love in his heart 4) Someone to remind me why BuzzFeed Politics exists.”

SiriusXM’s Julie Mason: “In 2013, Gov. Rick Perry needs his own talk show, a la Huckaboom (but sassier). There must be world recognition of the massive journalistic skills of Josh Rogin, Josh Lederman, Andrew Harnik and Meredith Shiner. We should also pause, as a nation, to admire Suzanne Malveaux‘s new, longer hairstyle. Because that shit is awesome. Also, my favorite shows need to quit the nine-month hiatus between seasons. That is really annoying.”

WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin: “Real entitlement reform. Gumming up the Obamacare works. Republicans champion immigration reform.”

WJLA’s Steve Chenevey: “Can we extend the telecommuting concept to journalism? I’m all for home studios in 2013. Would love to get PR pitches more than a day in advance. And the freedom to critique viewers on their choice of outfit for the day. Not that I would ever do that, but overly opinionated viewers never seem to surprise me.”

See more wishes…

TWT‘s Emily Miller: “In 2013, I want the right to bear arms in DC. I also want the media to agree to blackout all coverage of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy.”

C-SPAN Communications Director Howard Mortman: “Here’s what I want to happen in the new year: I’d love if we all resolved to use more words with ‘hard K’ sounds. Less talk of chicken, and more talk of coconuts.”

BuzzFeed‘s Zeke Miller:  “…The 2016 race to start heating up.”

WaPo Express‘ Clinton Yates: “I really hope hockey returns in 2013.”

Heritage Foundation’s The Foundry blogger Lachlan Markay: “A Giants Super Bowl and an NHL season.”

Washington Examiner‘s Philip Klein: “We’re doomed. So I’m just hoping for a great finale to ‘Breaking Bad.'”

Politico‘s Ben White: “Redskins in the playoffs. And POLITICO’s Alexander Burns as Secretary of Defense.”

BuzzFeed Political Editor McKay Coppins: “If Congress decides to punt on the fiscal cliff this month, I hope we can at least find a better metaphor than ‘fiscal cliff’ for the budget showdown that’s sure to come in the new year. That term is played out, imprecise, and invites all manner of mixed metaphors.”

Politico‘s Kate Nocera: “1. For congress to get it together and not ruin Easter/Passover/the 4th of July/Halloween. Stop leaving everything to the last minute guys! (although it would make work less exciting if they did actually do things in a timely fashion  2. A frozen yogurt machine in the House carry-out (Senate has one, surely the People’s House should have one too). 3. On a personal note I’d like to quit smoking!”


WaPo page designer Tim Wong: “I really want to get my hands on a Google Glass headset. I’m looking forward to the challenge of designing functional and effective ways of deliver news content on a new platform — it’s exciting.”

“I hope we, as a society, get closer to seeing the continued value in all forms of journalism — traditional and evolving — and begin to support those who make it all possible.” — Markette Smith Sheppard, FOX, Richmond.

The Daily Caller‘s Taylor Bigler: “I want to see Alex Pappas in a rap battle.” (Pappas is a reporter at The Daily Caller.)

“My Wish List for 2013: 1) Wouldn’t it be great if in 2013 we didn’t have to cover any more brinkmanship-down-to-the-last second-burn-the-midnight-oil-cliff-ceiling-standoff stories? 2) My USC Trojans to return their winning ways. 3) Find out what it is about ‘Homeland’ that has so many of the DC Journos that I follow on the twitters raving. 4) Peace, love, good health to all and all that…” ABC7’s Kris Van Cleave

FBDC’s Betsy Rothstein: “I’d like ABC7’s Stephen Tschida to chronicle all his travel activities. Specifically, I’d like him to go on a cross country trip by choo choo in which the train breaks down for at least 72 hours. No one gets hurt, but it’s quite a ride.”