Journalists: We Love Twitter

Access Communications interviewed more than 25 reporters from a wide variety of outlets including Gizmodo and the Wall Street Journal, finding that 69 percent use Twitter as a reporting tool, up 21 percent from last year. Sixty-eight percent believe that reliance on social media has increased significantly. And 95 percent believe that social media can be a reliable means to find sources. We’ve got the SlideShare after the jump.

“I use it religiously,” said USA Today reporter Jon Swartz. “It’s the best service in the world, bar none.”

Social media is the modern town square, but it’s hardly a cross-section of society. Judging by many different sets of statistics, sites like Twitter and Facebook are great places to source if you’re looking primarily for college students, the highly educated, or 18-34-year-old urban career types.

And Twitter admitted in September that many of its 200 million users are lurkers, meaning that while the majority of Americans have heard of Twitter, few use it.

Those facts notwithstanding, the message to PR professionals is very clear: reporters love social media. So get your clients and their message on Twitter, and do it yesterday.