Journalists Arrested In Wisconsin

Sam Mayfield, who has been tirelessly reporting the protests in Madison, WI for most of the year, was arrested this week along with a student journalist.

Mayfield writes:

On June 6th two journalists were arrested at the state capital in Madison, WI.

I was one of them.

I was grabbed by an aggressive and very escalated police officer after walking in to the state capital on June 6th. Officer Corcoran told me to leave, to “get out”. It was bewildering because I was already in the building and was simply walking by him filming my way in to the rotunda.

He grabbed me aggressively. I told him, in the friendliest voice I could find, that I was with the press. He let me walk by.

I recognized him from the many times I have been in the building over the past four months covering the gentle uprising as it develops and unfolds around Governor Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill.

Read the rest of her account here.

This is a switch. When this fishbowler was there in March the police were in solidarity with the protesters. The Madison police chief promised his officers they would not be used for “political purposes.” Sam was arrested by the Capitol Police, a state police force.

We asked Sam who’s going to pay for her fine. She is a freelancer. “I’m hoping the fine and charges will be dropped,” she tells FishbowlLA.

We hope that too.